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About company

GAULLE TRADE Company has started his activity since 2002 by the Chamber of Commerce of IRAN and through that made somesmall businesses in limited aspects with different companies in different countries and in the same time was studying market and doing commercial research , about How is creating supply and demand in market and what are the reasons , etc.

Meantime , we could make some business cooperation with different companies  in Europe and Asia, and start to be interesting To develop and increase our commercial cooperation and activity in different sectors as industrial or commercial , etc.  was needed as well to develop our relations and communication , that’s why we decided to establish a commercial and consulting company in France to make more complete our commercial relation net work between France and other European countries as well as Iran's to maintain the common interests and mutual profits.

Today we are glad to inform you that we are ready and able to shack your hands to work and make cooperation and give our services to whom can concern or need our services/.Core values:

 Honesty and integrity

 Teamwork and communication

 Leadership and motivation

 Respect and commitment

Vision: To be reliable supplier in global raw materials and commodities trading and distribution.

Mission: To deliver quality products and overall value to our customers worldwide.

All information in plus about company are available on demand and with conditions.


Mandatory information due to abuse of information and data is available only on request if it has not yet been indicated on our site. (Please contact us).N° TVA :FR 91 808 914 907
N° SIRET : 808 914 907 00015